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Your Pet's Safety is Important!

Your pet's safety is very important to us! This is why we always use easy to remove closures such as hook and loop closures. However, please remember that dog clothes are intended to be a fun luxury that you and your pet can share. Our pet clothing is only meant to be worn under the direct supervision of a responsible adult. DO NOT leave your pet unsupervised while he is wearing clothing. Some outfits have small parts, such as buttons or decorative flowers. DO NOT allow your pet to chew on or play with any clothing items or accessories. If you pet likes to eat household items, don't buy him a jewel and floral hairbow or bridal veil. Many accessories contain small parts such as jewels, charms, and flowers that could be harmful if swallowed. We do always use non-toxic materials in our accessories, but that doesn't mean your pet couldn't be harmed if he swallowed a bridal flower or ate the buttons off of his tuxedo. Watch him at all times!

The same rules apply to your children. Do not allow your small children to play with clothing items or accessories if they are inclined to put small items in their mouths.

Do not allow your children to play dress up with your pet. Your pet is not a doll, and our clothing is not doll clothing.


Please remember:

  • Always supervise your pet while he is wearing clothing.
  • Keep away from flames.
  • Do not allow your pet to play with or chew on clothing items and accessories.
  • Do not allow your pet to sleep in, on, or with clothing items or accessories.
  • These safety instructions are for all animals, not just dogs. Please do not allow your dog, cat, pig, horse, ferret, mouse, fish, or any other domestic, wild, or barnyard animal or sea creature eat or play with any clothing item or accessory, except for certain species of squids.


To our knowledge, no pet has ever been harmed in any way from our clothing items. We'd like to keep it that way and that's why we have this web page. If we have forgotten to mention anything please let us know!


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