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There are hundreds of breeds of dogs, not to mention mixes of dogs. Tuxedos are made to fit a wide variety of body types. Your dog can't be here to be measured from head to toe. Including all measurements during checkout will help, but do not expect a tightly tailored outfit. This is particularly true of sizes L and up. Large breed dogs need more room to get their long legs up and into the sleeve. Keep the following in mind when ordering a tuxedo.

  • Arm and neck openings are cut wide to accommodate different body types. If your dog has a skinny neck, the tux MAY hit him lower on the shoulders than a dog with a wide neck.
  • Tuxes are cut a little big to accommodate wider backs and broader chests. They are meant to have a loose, casual appearance.
  • Many different breeds of dogs can have the exact same chest size and yet be completely different in body length. Tuxes are meant to be on the shorter side unless otherwise noted, such as a short fancy jacket. If your dog is long, they may hit higher up on the back than if your dog has a very short body length.
  • These differences are much more noticeable on large breeds of dogs. That is why the large dog clothing in particular has to be cut on the larger side. It is easier for you to have it taken in than have it be too tight.

You are responsible for any alterations you desire.

How to Measure your Pet:

-Be sure your pet is standing properly and not sitting or lying down.

-Measure carefully with the pet standing and make sure you measure twice! At this time we cannot offer refunds or exchanges.


A: Measure from the base of your pet's neck to the base of the tail. This is done along the pet's backbone from the base of the neck beginning where a collar rests above the shoulders and ending where the tail begins. Tuxedos hit at mid-back unless you request otherwise. Dresses tend to be longer.

B: Measure around the chest its widest point, which is typically right behind the front legs.

C: Measure gently around the pet's neck where the collar would be. Do not measure your pet with the collar on. Include this measurement for a wrap style. "Original Style" garments and tuxedos DO NOT necessarily hit right at the neck.

D: For items with long sleeves, make sure your pet is standing. Measure from your pet's "underarm" (level with the underside of his chest) to the place where the sleeve needs to hit.



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