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After agent Roger Russett had gotten off the phone with his partner Sally, he began to finish up the work on his desk. He wanted it clear before he joined her in her undercover assignment.

He was a stolid, straight-laced sort of fellow, so he knew this assignment would be particularly difficult. He normally stayed behind his desk, where he felt comfortable dealing with papers all day, but this was such a special case, that he knew he couldn't resist going out into the field.

He looked over his papers and quickly finished up his work.

With some paperwork out of the way, he placed his bowler hat atop his perfectly coiffed head and prepared to leave the office.


Needing an appropriate disguise, he decided to call on his buddy Eduardo. They were complete opposites, but had been friends for most of their lives. Eduardo had a talent for costuming, so there was no better place to start, Roger thought.

Roger explained the situation...

...and so Eduardo swiftly got to work making over his friend.

But nothing seemed QUITE right!



"Ummm, Eduardo? I don't think there are vampires roaming the streets of Potatoville!"

"Are you SURE you know what you're doing? By the way, I can't carry my gun with these monster hands!"

"Uh, NO!"

"I'll get you for this." Roger muttered.

(Eduardo snickered)




"Here comes the bride!"
Eduardo was having way too much fun with this.

"If I had my angry eyes with me, I would SO be wearing them right now!
Good ice cream bar though (MUNCH)"

"THAT'S IT!!!!" Roger exclaimed, as he prepared to whack Eduardo over the head with his fairy princess wand.


"RELAX, bro! I already have the perfect outfit for you. I just figured I'd never get another chance to see you dressed up in ridiculous costumes. Thought I'd have a little fun! HAHA..." Eduardo continued to chuckle under his breath. "Of course, FIRST you'll have to shave off that moustache!"

Roger wasn't sure if he could even trust Eduardo, but seeing little other choice at the moment, he complied.

"There ya go!"


"Hmmm, something's missing...I know! HERE" Eduardo took off his shades and gave them to Roger.

"Now you look perfect!"


Roger wasn't sure he liked being the butt of Eduardo's joke, but he had to admit that he did look pretty good.


And so Roger was ready to go. He was stylin'! He was struttin' his stuff! He was ready to get down with his bad self! He was...OK, I'll stop now.

"I'm feeling FUNK-A-LICIOUS!"
-"Dude, don't ever say that."


Well, you can dress him up but the basic nerdy spud inside still needs some work!