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Undercover agent Sally Spud was planning on enjoying a relaxing weekend, free from the demands of her job. She was sleeping peacefully when the phone rang, interrupting her dream.

"Hello?" she stuttered into the phone...

It was her partner Roger Russett.

"Sally!" he began. "We need you to get busy on a new assignment right away!

He went on to explain about a possible illegal drug ring that Sally was to infiltrate by going undercover as a hooker in the streets of downtown Potatoville.

Sally groaned, her vacation now ruined, and agreed to get ready immediately.

She swung her feet over the side of the bed and donned her comfy bunny slippers...


"Well, might as well have a relaxing bath first!" She thought.


She wiggled her toes in the warm water...

Time to dry off!


A little pampering never hurt, so Sally climbed back on her bed and gave herself a nice moisturizing facial. She never was one to neglect her pores!


She painted her nails...

Then got busy looking for something to wear. She opened her trunk and dug through its contents, making a mess off her room. She found appropriate shoes, earrings, and accessories to complete her ensemble.


She dug through shoes, hats and various souveniers, including her disney glasses and mickey ears hat! She made a mental note to wear them more often and kept on pawing through the trunk.


WHAT A MESS!!!!!!!!

With her outfit selected and her room in shambles, it was time for her makeup.  

Mascara, rouge, and lipstick were applied with care, if not a heavy hand. Sally hated having to put on SO much eye makeup, but it was part of the job. The false eyelashes and the fake beauty mark were a bit much, she thought, but a must if she wanted to pull this off...



Then she added some gaudy gold jewelry,

checked her teeth in the mirror,

Put on her shoes, and accessories, and made some finishing touches to her hair. She nearly fainted from all the hairspray fumes. She grabbed her gold purse, and with a swish of her pink feather boa, the look was complete.