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In lieu of all the haunted items popping up on Ebay, I decided to hop on the bandwagon and make up, um, I mean, TELL you all about this completely true, not fictitious in any way, no-lies-here story involving a Mr Potato Head.

Here goes...

I was sitting at home alone one Saturday evening, playing with my Mr. Potato Head collection and wondering why I couldn't find a man, when I decided I'd make some dinner. "What better thing to sup upon than my favorite meal?" I thought. And so I pulled out the flavorful foodstuff that always made my mouth water...a potato. (Ironic, isn't it?) Close by my side was my very favorite potato best little special friend, with whom I spent every waking moment.

"You are a cute little tater-water, aren't you? YES you are!!!"


My little buddy was close by as I placed a large baking potato on the counter.


Then I removed my gigantic knife from the drawer.


But something peculiar happened when I stabbed the knife into the potato... I heard a strange sound and felt some kind of presence in the room. Yes I really did. No, really!


I decided to just shake it off and went back to preparing my dinner, but when I turned around, I noticed something very, very strange about my favorite potato.

I couldn't put my finger on it, but SOMETHING was different! Oh well.


I soon figured out what the difference was! The spirit of the potato I had cooked for dinner had inhabited my special little friend! Soon all kinds of strange things began to happen!

Lights began to flicker on and off, ALL BY THEMSELVES!!!

The potato would follow me from room to room! I'd just look up and there he was!


He showed up behind me in the mirror while I was putting on makeup!


SPOOKY isn't it???


Sometimes I heard weird sounds coming from the oven. I'd open the door, and there he'd be!!! I don't have any idea how he got there.


I actually saw him FLOATING in the air! ALL BY HIMSELF! I have a photo here to prove it!!!


The other night when I went in the bathroom, I got THIS terrifying picture!!! Kind of sends chills down your spine, doesn't it?


I was ticked when he decided it would be funny to peer over the back of the couch and scare me half to death.




Later he started wandering down the hall at odd times, wearing his ghostly white sheet and generally frightening the cats. You can see how terrified my boy is!

Sometimes he just floats around in the middle of the day, his white sheet billowing beneath him.
I was lucky to be able to capture this picture to prove it.


I was OK with it at first...the odd noises, the waking me up in the middle of the night, the disappearing french fries, the floating, and the general terrorizing of my cats, but when the blankety blank dingleberry tried to steal my car, I'd had enough! That's when I decided to get rid of him by selling him on ebay.



So here he is! YOU take him!


Now let me assure you that this story is ABSOLUTELY true!

Would you believe it? Absolute truth!

Would you believe, partly true?

How about, sorta true?

Well I really was making dinner!